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MyWeku Kitchens

Pre-order for delivery

How it works

You order: This could be for you and your colleagues in the office at lunch time, dinner for the family or a party you host.

We cook: We prepare your meal and package it nicely

We deliver: We deliver your meal at a time of your convenience in any of the neighbourhoods we currently serve

What is MyWeku Kitchens?

We specialise in bespoke catering

Who do we serve

We cater to corporate clients and the busy professional during their lunch breaks

On the evenings that you are too tired to cook, order what takes your fancy and we will deliver to you and your family to enjoy

We cater for you when you have family and guests around or plan much larger events such as a birthday party, a festival or a wedding

You choose your preferred delivery time (which may be even days in advance) and we will deliver to you

Our professional Chefs and cooks use the freshest ingredients (including our meat and chicken) sourced ourselves right here in Ghana!


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